The Artist in the Community

Silence had broken out; heads bowed, as if in prayer, the women fell into reflection. In the next room, in response to the repose, the clatter of cutlery being washed and dried softened. and the Burco preparing water for tea was turned down so that its soft hiss was hushed as its contents fell away from their rolling boil. 

Thread was brought to lips by experienced hands and drawn through needles before being measured to a length that was satisfactory. It was all part of the process; the choosing of the material, the memories it held. Feeling not just the cloth but deeper still the recollection. Faded with time perhaps or still as vivid as the first wearing. But as the need for concentration waned and the hunger for creativity passed it out the conversation rose up again. The stories that are created as the needles dip in and out, creating seams, drawing together sides, and creating strong new connections.

Teresa Doyle is an experienced facilitator who has created engaging workshops which enable groups and individuals to explore their creative life, helping them to bring creativity into their everyday lives.

Current Workshops & Projects

‘Threading Needles & Telling Stories’

Creative Ireland Doll-Making Project with Tullamore Traveller’s Women’s Shed members

‘Threading Needles, Telling Stories’ is an exciting textile doll-making heritage project that is currently taking place at Offaly Traveller’s Hazel Hub Centre in Tullamore. 

Teresa is leading the women of the Chatters and Matters Tullamore Traveller’s Women’s Shed through the various parts and processes involved with storytelling through doll-making, with each participant getting the opportunity to explore and share their heritage and culture in a new way, through the creation of a three-dimensional fabric doll-like figure. This doll will be an effigy that will serve as a vessel to help demonstrate and tell the stories of the participant’s Traveller experiences, while reawakening skills that may be inherent for some group members. Skills including planning, designing, pattern-making, pattern-cutting, pressing, stitching, knitting and garment assembly will be learned and practiced throughout this project. The final pieces will be exhibited at the Tullamore Hazel Hub and Tullamore Library.

You can follow the project progress on Facebook here and Instagram here.

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If you have any queries about future workshops, please contact Teresa for more information.